Friday, September 24, 2010

Search Engine Results Page - how it helps to rank first in google

The results that you get in one search engine will not be similar to the results from other search engine mainly because they have different search algorithm. Search engines do not rank  websites but they consider each page in your website. This means  that you can optimize individual pages for different search terms, thus giving your website more points of entry and thus the chance to gain traffic increases.
When it comes to user they don’t bother to go to search results that are on the inner pages. At the most they will look for results in two pages and thus its very important to land in the first page of the search result. If user doesn’t find what they were looking for they end up refining their query.
The search engine results page contain the sponcered ads the related searches and links to internal searches. Each of these options are ways to rank first in search result.for the target keyword.

The user gets your page title, your page description and your page url and is the first impression about  your website in the search engine results. What the searcher will read will determine whether they want to click through to your web page or move on to the next search result.
The search engine wants to see relevant information on the webpage. Meaning if the wesite is about seo it should not talk about anything other than seo.
They also look for related websites link on your website. If your SEO website has links from other SEO website it is considered good by the search engine so try to get links from related website.
Apart from this the content should be correct and good for search engine to rank your page in google.

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