Friday, September 24, 2010

Search Engine Results Page - how it helps to rank first in google

The results that you get in one search engine will not be similar to the results from other search engine mainly because they have different search algorithm. Search engines do not rank  websites but they consider each page in your website. This means  that you can optimize individual pages for different search terms, thus giving your website more points of entry and thus the chance to gain traffic increases.
When it comes to user they don’t bother to go to search results that are on the inner pages. At the most they will look for results in two pages and thus its very important to land in the first page of the search result. If user doesn’t find what they were looking for they end up refining their query.
The search engine results page contain the sponcered ads the related searches and links to internal searches. Each of these options are ways to rank first in search result.for the target keyword.

The user gets your page title, your page description and your page url and is the first impression about  your website in the search engine results. What the searcher will read will determine whether they want to click through to your web page or move on to the next search result.
The search engine wants to see relevant information on the webpage. Meaning if the wesite is about seo it should not talk about anything other than seo.
They also look for related websites link on your website. If your SEO website has links from other SEO website it is considered good by the search engine so try to get links from related website.
Apart from this the content should be correct and good for search engine to rank your page in google.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Not sure about what to take up? SEO or PPC ?

If you have a website that you want to rank first in google but you do not know which to take up the traditional Search Engine Optimization or the PPC  you are at the right place. We are going to discuss the pros and cons of both the SEO and PPC.
In long run traditional SEO is by far the best way to optimize and rank your site in search engine. Though SEO is time taking and no body can guarantee first rank in google search result however it improves your ranking in search result. SEO is a continuous process.
If you go for PPC your site ranks till the time you are paying. The day you stop paying your website lands exactly where it was without PPC.  It will never improve your ranking in search result. It is a fast process and requires a lot more money when compared to SEO. If you have competitiors for your target keyword you need to pay quite a lot of money.
People generally will prefer what comes at the top through some tough competition rather than by paying money. SEO results come as organic results and thus are more preffered when compared to paid results.
Once you get a good rank through SEO you keep getting free traffic without paying. PPC is good if you have a new website and you want to promote it but in the long run SEO is what will bring you money.

It will be best to go for a mix of both. Initially PPC will help you and for the long run SEO is there.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How important is meta tag and meta description for your site?

It is a myth that meta tag and meta description is taken into account by google to rank your website in search result. I know you are surprised but this is the truth. Google itself announced that it does not consider meta tag for optimization.
Meta tag and meta description are only ways to get indexed by googlebot. Providing a good meta description may bring you good traffic. If your description is catchy people may click on your link and visit your site.
Consider for an example I have a target keyword and google indexes my page for that target keyword. Now if I have only meta tag and meta description without any content on my page google should bring my page up if it considers them for optimization. But it does not do so. You can check it out yourself.
So if you want to rank your site first in google stop concentrating on the meta description and meta tag if you want to optimize your site. Again if you want more traffic to your site then these are good options.Also  meta tag  is the least important place to put your keywords when compared to title tag, body content, meta tag and meta description.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On page factors to rank first in google.

To improve your google search engine ranking and to rank first in google on page optimization is a very important factor.On page means what ever comes on your website.Be it the content on the page or how you make your website or the the keywords that you are considering.on page factors play a very important role in retaining traffic to your website.You may get a lot of traffic but if you don’t take care of your on page factors they may bounce back.
The most important factor on page is good and original content.Content is at the heart of your website rest all factors revolve around the content.Keyword density should be good and the web crawlers should not feel that you are trying to stuff keywords.
Some other on page factors are
Traditional meta tags: You must be carefull enough to take care of the keywords that you are targeting. The description tag should be some where between 250 to 275 charecters.Similarly title tag should be somewhere between 75 to 80 charecters.You can target any number of keywords but try to follow the character limit.
Body text analysis: You need to define the purpose of your site and stick to it.The text on your website should be related to the purpose of your website.Keyword density should be taken care of. Too much keywords will be considered stuffing by crawlers and too less will make it difficult to optimize.
Heading tags: Using prorer heading tags tell search engine about the importance of the content on your web page. Depending on the content on you page use the heading tags h1 to h6.
Page name: Certain domains like .gov, .edu, .org, .com have higher status.Pagename should be related to the content on the page.
Navigation: When you jump from one page to another you are either clicking on an internal link or an outgoing going link.Internal link should not be deeper than two clicks. Use keywords to create links and they should be short.Outgoing links should be done only to related and good websites. The link to where you are pointing should be valid and try to keep it less than 100.
Image Alt information: If you have images on your site make use of this tag to provide information about the used image. Use keywords to describe image.

Monday, September 20, 2010

How is SEO done??

Now that we know why are we doing it we will focus on how to do it.Seo is done to rank site first in google.Seo is mainly a three step process.We will take up each one of the three one by one.
1.Analysis and evaluation
2.Off page optimization
3.on page optimization.
Each one of the above has an important role to rank your site first in google.Analysis and Evaluation itself comprises of three major steps. 1.Site audit 2.Business study 3.Keyword research
Site Audit: You need to concentrate on site objective, architecture,navigation,type of content and important pages on your site.Analyse all the entry and exit points on your site.
Business Study: you have to consider your target audience,target geographies,competitors,business goals expected to be achieved.
Keyword Research: You have to focus on the keywords that you want to optimize for your site.your site may rank for generic keyword but it may not rank for target can also have some target keywords.
Off page optimization and on page optimization will be dealt in the coming post.

will google Instant have an impact on SEO??

Google Instant shows result as you type.meaning you don’t need to press enter to see search result.It is said that this saves 2 to 5 seconds per search.Not only this but you get to the write content much faster because you don’t need to type the search term.These are the advantages we are getting out of google instant but the question is will it affect search engine optimization?will my site keep ranking first in google?

Google Instant will have a huge impact on traffic that comes to your website.If you are targeting for a long tailed keyword and because google instant provides results as the user is typing in all probability your prospective client will fall for the one of the result displayed.This is because with each letter that you type Instant gives you a predictive search.

Another thing is that top three rankings will get more value.Competition is going to get tougher to be among the top three because user will be tempted to click on one of the top three results.

Another point of view is that you need to concentrate on long tail search because user will keep typing till he finds something that will fulfill his need.

Whatever suggestion google instant gives may become the target keywords by the search engine optimizers.In order to rank fr st in google people will start concentrating on the suggestions made by google and optimize their website accordingly and so the content on the website will get focused on the google instant suggestions.

The most important thing is Google Instant is going to affect pay per click. According to Google’s webmaster tools blog, Google instant may see an increase in impressions for search terms when it comes to your sponsored search impressions.If a user clicks on any link from a page where your ad appeared it will be counted as an impression.If user selects from the suggestion that was made and your ad was served it counts an impression.and finally if your ad appears when user stops typing for three seconds it will be counted as an impression.So the number of impression increases because of google instant.You need to seriously consider this because this will have an impact on your click through rate for PPC especially if you are targeting long tailed keyword.

SEO Basic

Why SEO?
Befor we start learning the basics of SEO we must know why exactly are we doing it?Since all the business today are coming online to reach out to their customers at ease there is a tough competition between competitiors to get more and more business to them.
Consider you have a bike shop.You want to increase your business so you create a website considering most of your customers(age 20 to 40) are online and you can get more customers there.However you don’t find any increase in the number of customers.This is because you have a lovely website but when people google about bike shops your website comes somewhere inside where as your competitiors website comes at the first place.So all your probable customers go to your competitor and do not come to you.
Now this is where SEO comes into picture.Through SEO you are going to optimize your website so that it comes at the top when somebody googles about a bike shop.

we will see what SEO is in the next post.
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